The Incredible Flexible You™ Group

The Incredible Flexible You™ is a curriculum developed by Ryan E. Hendrix, Kari Zweber Palmer, Nancy Tarshis and Michelle Garcia Winner. It is designed for preschool and early elementary aged children. It includes instructional lesson plans complete with playful activities, educational goals and at home activities.

The Incredible Flexible You uses a cognitive behavioral approach that breaks down social learning into concrete steps. Learning these skills help children get ready for school and participate better with peers.

The Incredible Flexible You™ Group promotes:

Joint Attention



Self regulation

Language and cognition

Theory of mind

Executive function

Perspective taking and negotiation

Sharing Space

Learning as a group

Cooperative and collaborative play


Who is a good candidate for this group?

3-4 Children can participate in one of two groups: ages 3-4 or 5-7 years

Children benefit from learning how to:

--Stay with the group at circle time
--Stay focused and maintain attention
--Join in and interact with peers
--Consider others’ perspectives
--Use whole body listening
--Become more flexible

--Improve social skills

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