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The Sosh mobile application was designed to assist individuals with social skills difficulties by putting the "5R's" to use in their everyday environments.  It is designed to work with and for individuals when they need it the most: In the Moment.    Developed by Dr. Mark Bowers, the Sosh mobile application contains the critical elements that individuals need to improve their social skills. Whereas other social skills tools or strategies are commonly used in superficial settings (a therapy group, at home, in a therapist's office), this application can be carried with the individual and utilized in those real life social situations when questions arise.   

This makes the intervention especially powerful and consistent with research findings about the importance of real world practice and intervention.  The Sosh application is comprehensive, customizable, user friendly, and intuitive.   It is a teacher, therapist, parent, and coach all in the palm of your hand.  Sosh can (and should) be used in all settings of your day.  The more time you spend with others, the more powerful this application becomes.  If you are willing to put in the time and effort, Sosh will help you accomplish your social goals.