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Terri Lamb

Educational Consultant/Tutor

Terri Lamb is a passionate and dynamic educator, whose career has been spent working with students in Learning & Disability Support Services. Terri has a gift for helping students believe in themselves, while motivating and guiding them to embrace a growth mindset. Highly experienced in needs assessment, learning, study, and executive function skills coaching, Terri is an expert in the use of positive reinforcement, effective communication, and building rapport with students, parents, teachers, and doctors, to create a cohesive team. Knowledgeable in diverse learning modalities meant to promote and enhance individual student strengths, she instills a love of learning, giving students the desire to set goals and to meet and exceed their own expectations. Equality-minded and culturally sensitive, Terri is dedicated to making a positive impact in her students’ lives.

Terri has experience teaching and tutoring elementary, middle, high school and college courses including reading, writing, social studies, science, math, learning/study & executive function skills, and college-preparation. She is a Learning Specialist, Academic Success Coach, Master tutor, and developmental math learning expert, who earned the distinction of
2017 Developmental Educator of the Year, from the Michigan Developmental Education Consortium.