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Social Groups
For ‘Quirky’ Kids,Teens & Young Adults

Groups are divided by age:
8-11 years old & 12-16 years old. Contact us if you are interested in a group for older teens or young adults so we can add you to a waiting list.  The groups are limited in size and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Fees: Vary based on group

Each group lasts four sessions, over the course of four consecutive weeks. Social Groups may be insurance billable. You are encouraged to check with your insurance company regarding your policy’s reimbursement.

Enroll in a group here.

Social Groups utilize a combination of Dr. Bowers’ social skills methodology (Sōsh), The Hidden Curriculum, Community Exercises, and Video Self-Modeling.

Each week the students will meet for 60 minutes as a group with Dr. Bowers as group leader.  A final summary of your child's progress in group is provided after Week 4. 

Here are some social ideas we address in our groups:

1. Using your eyes to gather important social information.
2. Tone of voice and volume of voice.
3. Thinking about other people (trading information rather than always giving it).
4. Having a flexible brain, getting unstuck, and compromise.
5. Speaker/Listener/Observer Skills
6. We promote confidence and social competence by practicing important skills with others who share the same goals.  We support and encourage each other while providing constructive feedback.
7. Is what I'm Saying or Doing Making those around me Uncomfortable? Kids learn how to ask and answer this question throughout the day.
8. Priming yourself for success rather than behaving in a manner that makes others want to prompt you!