What People Are Saying About Brighton Center

"Just had our first visit with Dr. Bowers. Wow, is all I can say. He is what we were looking for. He helped us put into perspective our challenges with our child and outlined a game plan for us. You can't go wrong with his office."

"Dr. Bowers is amazing. There is no question he has an uncanny ability to zero in on the true issues quickly. I am sure if we went to another psychologist it would have taken much longer to get the answers and plan we needed. My daughter felt very comfortable with him and the environment in the entire office was perfect. We highly recommend Dr. Bowers to anyone with a 'quirky kid', you will be glad you took the time to see him."

"This was the longest most thorough talk our child or I have had with a doctor since everything started. Our child left feeling positive and looking forward to group sessions. Doctor Bowers was very personable and willing to look for ways to help that included solutions other than just medications that other places wanted to use without a specific reason why. I think if we had started here for help in the first place things would have gone much better for us."

"Dr. Mark Bowers has been working with our son for years on complex behavioral problems. He has worked with my husband and I on how to effectively manage situations that arise and how to help our son with problem solving, social-emotional control, and communication skills. We have utilized Dr. Mark Bowers' academic testing services and cognitive behavior therapy services over the past 6 years. His expertise and guidance has brought more peace into our home and helped our son with his own personal growth."

"We are working with Dr. Kelly Bowers to help our daughter with social skill building and anxiety to overcome her selective mutism. Dr. Kelly Bowers is incredibly patient, kind, and makes the sessions a positive experience for our daughter. We have seen great progress in our daughter's confidence."

"Dr. Bowers is so knowledgeable and understanding. He never made us feel like we were wasting his time or we were just a number. Our little guy was so calm around him and felt comfortable. I felt like he really cared about our child's well-being and that his recommendations for services were genuine with wanting to help our little guy succeed. This is not something we have had with previous experiences. Highly recommend Dr. Bowers."

"Thank you so much for getting us in so quickly to see Dr. Bowers. Although my son did not want to be there, Dr. Bowers quickly made him feel at ease and we discussed, rather than argued about, the issues we have been seeing at home. He suggested multiple tools for my son to use in real-life situations which I can see will be helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Bowers to anyone with teens who need someone to talk to, as his demeanor and style completely lend themselves to connecting with teenagers."

"BCPN staff and environment is very welcoming; professional with a hometown feel.  I was very pleased with the care and compassion that Dr. Bowers showed to both parents and patients.  His feedback was insightful and invaluable.  Dr. Bowers is a very knowledgeable practitioner and wise beyond his years- he understands how to successfully connect with children.  The location of the office is convenient, quality of care is exceptional and I would highly recommend if you have concerns, don't wait!  Call BCPN today!"

"Wonderful, finally someone who understands our struggle and that there really is a struggle!
It's so fantastic to be supported rather than judged.
Thank you!!!!!"

"I couldn't have been more pleased with our experience with Dr. Bowers. He was extremely knowledgeable, informative, and encouraging. This has been the first step in the right direction for our son and our family."

"From the moment my son and I entered the office and began talking with staff, I knew we were in a place devoted to children. I especially appreciated the frank and respectful way that my son was included in the entire session. When we left the appointment, I was immediately able to see that the approach helped him internalize the information and be able to incorporate new strategies right away."

"We had a great experience at BCPN! Dr. Bowers and staff were professional, helpful, kind and genuinely interested in our little boy. We did not ever feel rushed, and felt welcomed in the office which had soft couches, books, toys and was even decorated with superheroes on the walls! This is definitely a child-friendly environment that put us all at ease on our first visit. We also received a detailed summary of our visit afterwards via email which was helpful.  Thanks!"

"Once my daughter and I met Dr. Bowers, he put us at ease right away. We both felt very comfortable talking with him. He was a great listener and my daughter especially thought that it was so nice to be able to talk to someone who understood her and could put into words some of the thoughts and ideas she had trouble verbalizing. Dr. Bowers was very positive about all the differences and behavior she exhibited as well as for her future.  The office itself was also very pleasing to the eye, comfortable with many types of places to sit and things to look at and play with.  I highly recommend visiting BCPN!"

"Overall, it was a great session. [Child] was comfortable and responded well to Dr. Bowers. We now have a better picture of how my son's brain works. There's still lots of work to do, but at least now we have a good starting point."

"Being at Brighton Center created a neutral setting for everyone involved with my son to peacefully come together and discuss some problems. Dr. Bowers was very easy to talk to."

"We were respected, listened to, and validated. something that seldom happens with doctors. It was like Dr. Bowers doesn't care about the financial bottom line. He cares about the patient and the family."

"The office was very clean and professional looking. We felt welcomed and not rushed. Dr. Bowers took his time with us and made my daughter feel very comfortable. I am so glad we went here and would recommend to anyone needing their services. I have absolutely no complaints."

"Very professional, very easy to find location, Dr. Mark was super nice to my very nervous daughter.  Very nice staff, very warm inviting office. Dr. Mark's report was easy to read and very informative, LOTS of information, and he was very sweet to both of us. Talked to my daughter and me and listed to what we both had to say."

"I felt like Dr. Bowers understood exactly what my child was going through, along with the exact form of treatment that would be best for her. Very happy with our experience."

"I felt Dr. Bowers worked very well at identifying diagnosis while focusing on strengths and interventions. Dr. Bowers had functional interventions to help my son succeed. Thank you!"